About bridges and crutches

Gotthold Fläschner

For me, Art of Molecule has two objectives: Firstly, to help make perceivable the part of the world that is beyond the reach of our naked senses. Secondly, to put things that scientists take for granted into a different perspective, in order to provoke self-critical questions, e.g., on how to do science.

The processes on the micro- or even nanoscopic scale are so radically different from what we are used to in our everyday world, that we often have to use analogies or metaphors (what is a “motor” protein?). Alternatively, we just accept certain things, get used to them. To both topics, art can immensely contribute. On one hand, it can help to build metaphorical bridges and thus provides the public and the scientific community valuable aid. On the other hand, it can help to bring the scientists’ attention to ideas so pervasive that they go unnoticed and might be relied upon as crutches. Identifying such crutches is very valuable for building a solid foundation for scientific advancement.

Poster show

On the occasion of the beginning of the cooperation with argovia philharmonic, posters designed by young scientists from this NCCR and from the "Zürcher Hochschule der Künste" (ZHdK) were shown. You can see them here.

Contact for Art of Molecule

Ralf Stutzki, Head Ethics

More about Ethics in the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering

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