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1st International Conference Ethics of Engineering Life

26 - 27 September 2022, Rome, Italy

The engineering of molecular and cellular systems for clinical applications capitalizes on the unique competences achieved worldwide within the past 10 years. Big leaps towards applying engineering principles to clinics and to restore body functions are provided by the development of gene-based and cell-based therapies. To address the ethical aspects of such attempts towards engineering life, this conference brings together stakeholders in developing and applying approaches to edit and control living systems, clinicians applying such procedures, ethicists, philosophers, historians and the cultural sector addressing such applications, and other relevant representatives of our global society. The conference is organized by NCCR MSE; Pontifical Academy for Life, Vatican City; and Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Italy. > Read more


SeminBar is a public lecture series featuring international scientists talking about their research emphasizing engaging key scientific concepts and visions relevant to molecular systems engineering in a format understandable to a wider audience. > Read more

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Organoids: Grown from Stem Cells as Patient Avatars

Mon, 6 February 2023, 18.00

Hans Clevers, Pharma Research & Early Development (pRED), Roche, CH

International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering

Creating functional molecular systems that rival the complexity of the molecular factories found in living cells has become one of the grand challenges in science.


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