EL & Us

An Art of Molecule project by Michel Comte and NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering

Can Engineering Life (EL) lead us into a better future? This question takes centre stage in EL & Us, Michel Comte’s upcoming art installation and public art-science project in collaboration with NCCR MSE. The Swiss artist seeks to explore his vision of EL in the 21st century, its promise for contributing to social progress, and people’s hopes for it.

In EL & Us Michel Comte re-interprets EL technologies into a captivating new form of artistic expression. The installation includes 3D mappings derived from extensive data sets as well as imagery from molecular and cellular systems. The project will premiere in November 2020 as part of the Art of Molecule initiative. The installation is meant to be shown at any given time or place to create an awareness of our relationship and importance of Engineering Life in the future, as a projection or 3D mapping in museums, public places or auditoriums and schools.


June 2020:

Meeting again at the EL and Us „headquarters": Kronenhalle in Zurich. Recording of the first podcast about how it all came to be…

Très chic: the new NCCR masks (ok - we did take them off during recording…)


May 2020:

The Agora project of SNSF aiming at fostering dialogue between scientists and society has just announced the support of "EL and Us"!

Meeting with Comte in Zurich. Discussing the structure of "EL and Us" along with the book project to be published by STEIDL in 2020.


February 2020:

Collecting material in the NCCR MSE labs begins. Approximately 12 days of filming and taping in Basel are scheduled.


December 2019:

Visiting the Fussenegger, Müller and Ward labs in Basel, followed by a presentation of the “EL and Us” project at D-BSSE.


October 2019:

First meeting between NCCR MSE researchers and Michel Comte in Basel.


August - September 2019:

Various meetings and conceptual work on the overall project.


July 2019:

During Locarno Film Festival the idea of a cooperation between NCCR MSE and Michel Comte was born.