The advancement of equal opportunities is an important goal of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering. While we recognize that gender stereotypes exist in various areas of life, we are strongly committed to ensure that the fundamental right of equality can be exercised within the NCCR MSE framework.

The underrepresentation of women in science and research is a reality in Switzerland. The drop in numbers occurs already in the transition from master's degree to doctorate. This "gender gap" becomes even more pronounced in higher academic career positions.

In accordance with the principle of gender mainstreaming, gender equality has been defined as an objective across all bodies and activities of NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering and strives to achieve a balance between men and women at all levels of the hierarchy.

Equal carrier opportunities for all

Every effort will be made to recruit additional female researchers at all levels among candidates with equal qualifications. Career breaks due to parental leave will not be regarded as a disadvantage in the selection process.

The NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering actively supports parents during their family start-up (paid leave for parents) or offers support measures during their day-to-day work (child care and Kinderspot). These activities are complemented by additional measures offered by the SNSF or the home institutions (more info).

Consultation hours

NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering offers regular consultation hours for all matters concerning equal opportunities and career prospects:

Hala Helmy


+41 61 207 1990

Wednesday mornings from 09:00 – 11:00 (without prior appointment) at BPR 1095, Mattenstrasse 24a, Basel, or at any time by appointment.


Hala Helmy, Managing Director