Trussardi Foundation

Italian entrepreneur, founder and president of the Beatrice Trussardi Foundation visits NCCR MSE

Beatrice Trussardi, who recently launched a nomadic art foundation in Switzerland, visited our the NCCR on 20 September 2021. Trussardi was keen to learn about NCCR’s own ethics project “Art of Molecule” which over the past 7 years has initiated numerous art-science projects. During her stay NCCR -PI’s Martin Fussenegger (ETH Zurich), Botond Roska (Basel University and IOB) & Barbara Treutlein ETH Zurich) opened their labs to the Italian entrepreneur and engaged in lively discussions about the current state of "engineering life" research, its ethical challenges and the role contemporary art can play in bridging existing communication gaps between the sciences and the public.

Martin Fussenegger, ETH Zurich
In Barbara Treutlein’s lab at ETH Zurich
At IOB with Botond Roska, University of Basel