Cooperation with Center for Gender Studies

Kick-off: Talk by Andrea Zimmermann at the NCCR retreat in Magglingen on May 29th 2018.

Offering gender & diversity trainings and support for female researchers

While this NCCR recognizes that gender stereotypes exist in various areas of life we are strongly committed to assure that the fundamental right of equality between men and woman can be exercised in our group of researchers. To underline these efforts we have invited the renowned Center for Gender Studies (CGS, Basel University) to become our critical scientific partner. Being supported and assessed by this group of scientists continuously in light of the state of the art gender research shall enable us to identify and wherever necessary correct our own professional patterns of behaviour in this field. Particularly the issue of gender bias in the recruitment process and within the structures of everyday work life will play a pivotal role here. Together with the Center for Gender Studies we will:

1. Analyse the EO approach of this NCCR in the past. 

2. Develop an action plan which will help us improve our efforts and lead to more measurable results.

3. Advance the recruitment of female professors. 

4. Support particularly female PhD students to continue in their scientific careers. 

5. Rethink and where necessary redefine our concept of equality at large (→inclusion).

The project entitled “Gender & Science. Analysing Gender Structures in the NCCR MSE” has started on 1 June 2018 and is designed for three years. It aims at developing tools to support female researchers in their career and designing gender & diversity trainings for project leaders.

The project team

Andrea Zimmermann (CGS)

Fleur Weibel (CGS)

Andrea Maihofer (CGS)

Ralf Stutzki (NCCR MSE)

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June 2018:

  • Start of project
  • Introduction into research plan and discussion with NCCR MSE stakeholders at fellow retreat in Magglingen

Oktober 2018:

  • The project team (Andrea Zimmermann CGS, Fleur Weibel CGS, Andrea Maihofer CGS & Ralf Stutzki NCCR) have evaluated the relevant corpus of literature as well as at the structure of the NCCR MSE
  • The research design has been adapted accordingly
  • Starting in November Andrea Zimmermann and Fleur Weibel are going to interview experts inside and outside the NCCR and will
  • Conduct participant observation in the labs of the NCCR MSE to learn about the patterns of everyday work life at the NCCR