NCCR MSE is happy to announce the "opening" of its very own Kinderspot - a mobile childcare facility equipped with toys for the children (<10 yrs.) of our team members. On Rosental areal in Basel we offer our own flexible childcare facility that can be installed on various floors and rooms whenever needed. In case of unforeseen circumstances in which our young parents have to take care of their children while at the same having to personally oversee their lab work they may bring along their kids.

The Kinderspot can easily be installed in various rooms as it provides material, toys and furniture for pre-school children. We are, of course, aware that since this NCCR’s working projects and labs are spread all over Switzerland this offer cannot be appreciated by all eligible NCCR members; nevertheless we hope to encourage our “external” partners and labs to follow our example and install own flexible childcare spots.


Hala Helmy, Managing Director