Support Measures for Child Care

The NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering will directly support women with children in pursuing their research in various ways.

These means include:

  • Flexible working arrangements to manage child care needs (to be coordinated with the supervisors).
  • Reimbursement of financial costs for nursery and daycare during absences due to conferences or training program attendances.
  • Subsidies for child daycare facility costs for those who can’t apply for a NCCR Flexibility Grant: 10% of supplementary salary for female researchers who raise children in preschool age alone, and 5% of supplementary salary for young female researchers who raise children in preschool age together with their partner.

Applications for reimbursement or subsidies can be addressed to the Equal Opportunity Officer and will be decided by the Executive Board of the NCCR.

Peer Mentoring Community

Read more  about the peer mentoring community platform for female PhD students and postdocs of this NCCR, and find out about their upcoming meetings.