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Translational Applications Towards Vision Restoration

The project evaluates the natural course of Stragardt disease in order to develop appropriate clinical endpoints for upcoming trials in Stargardt disease.

STGD is fast progressing degenerative disease of the macula. Understanding disease progression is a key for developing therapeutic approaches, understanding the disease and finding entry points for intervention. In this project, high-resoltuion imaging such as fundus authfluurescence (FAF) and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT), as well psychophysical examinations (mesopic and scotopic) microperimetry are applied.


R. W. Strauss, X. Kong, A. Ho, A. Jha, S. West, M. Ip, P. S. Bernstein, D. G. Birch, A. V. Cideciyan, M. Michaelides, J. Sahel, J. S. Sunness, E. I. Traboulsi, E. Zrenner, S. Pitetta, D. Jenkins, A. H. Hariri, S. Sadda, H. Scholl “Progression of Stargardt Disease as Determined by Fundus Autofluorescence Over a 12-Month Period: ProgStar Report No. 11“ JAMA Ophthalmol. 2019. [DOI]
A. Ervin, R. W. Strauss, M. I. Ahmed, D. Birch, J. Cheetham, F. L. F. III, M. S. Ip, G. J. Jaffe, M. G. Maguire, E. M. Schönbach, S. R. Sadda, S. K. West, H. Scholl “A Workshop on Measuring the Progression of Atrophy Secondary to Stargardt Disease in the ProgStar Studies: Findings and Lessons Learned“ Transl. Vis. Sci. Technol. 2019, 8(2):16. [DOI]

Project Leader

Hendrik Scholl


Scholl group @IOB