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Towards Artificial Cells

The focus of our research is the development of microfluidic methods for applications in the life sciences.

In this project, we pursue three aims: i) The creation of small biochemical reactors (“artificial cells”) and ii) networks in the sense of molecular factories, and iii) the development of high-throughput, label-free screening methods with improved analytical readout. In all approaches, we use droplet microfluidics as the basic technology for the creation of controlled nL-volumes. Our system can be employed for a wide range of applications and adapted to many assays, which are developed by other groups in the NCCR.


D. Huemmer, S. Bachler, M. Köhler, L. M. Blank, R. Zenobi, P. Dittrich “Microfluidic platform for multimodal analysis of enzyme secretion in nanoliter droplet arrays“ Anal. Chem. 2018. [DOI]
M. Grogg, D. Hilvert, M. Ebert, A. K. Beck, D. Seebach, F. Kurth, P. DittrichC. Sparr, S. Wittlin, M. Rottmann, P. Mäser “Cell Penetration, Herbicidal Activity, and in-vivo-Toxicity of Oligo-Arginine Derivatives and of Novel Guanidinium-Rich Compounds Derived from the Biopolymer Cyanophycin“ Helv. Chim. Acta 2018. [DOI]
F. Kurth, P. Dittrich, P. Walde, D. Seebach “Influence of the Membrane Dye R18 and of DMSO on Cell Penetration of Guanidinium-Rich Peptides“ Chem. Biodiversity 2018. [DOI]

Project Leader

Petra Dittrich


Dittrich group @D-BSSE