Organisation of this NCCR

Organisation of this NCCR (click on the icon below/left to enlarge).
Organisation of this NCCR (click on the icon below/left to enlarge).

Director Thomas R. Ward represents the University of Basel as the leading house and is responsible for the overall management of the network and representation towards the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and other stakeholders. Co-Director Daniel Müller represents the co-leading house ETH Zürich and assists and acts as the substitute of the Director.

The two directors will be supported by the Steering Committee, a management team and, for scientific guidance, by the Advisory Board. Together they are responsible for all major decisions related to future directions, public relations, general resource allocation, management of the reserve fund, appointment of positions and admission of new members. See the organisational chart of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering above (click to enlarge).

Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises the Director and the Co-Director, the Managing Director and the Head Finance (the latter two without right to vote). It has global responsibility for all scientific, financial and management issues as well as the activities concerning advancement of young researchers, equal opportunity and technology transfer.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprises the eight work packages leaders (this includes the Director and the Co-Director), the Managing Director and the Head Finance (the latter two without the right to vote). The Steering Committee is the central leading and decision-making body and will meet to maximize progress and coordinate the scientific effort as a whole.

Management Team

The Management Team comprises experts in Finance, Ethics, Communication, Technology Transfer, Education and Training/Advancement of Women. It acts as an operational centre, manages the network together with the Executive Board, supports the activities in all management areas and provides documents and reports required by the SNSF.

Project Leaders

The Project Leaders lead the 29 individual research projects. They stimulate the scientific discussion, monitor the scientific progress, and guarantee the attainability of the formulated milestones within their project. They are also responsible to provide management with all relevant information about their projects.


The members comprise all Project Leaders and the collaborators paid by this NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering. Each Project Leader can nominate PhD-students or postdoctoral researchers to support his or her project.

The Associated Members

Projects Leaders can draw upon various in-kind contributors. These associated Members comprise all scientific collaborators that are involved in the research, but financed by other sources.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) will be assembled to assist and advise the Executive Board. In close collaboration with the director and deputy director, the AB will help shape and maintain the ambitious goals of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering.

The Review Panel

The Review Panel consists of leading scientists selected by the SNSF and will be assembled once a year at the occasion of the Annual Meeting to assist and advise the SNSF.

Who is Who?

Read more about the researchers exploring and enabling the interdisciplinary research within the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering. 

About the project

How Wolfgang Meier and Daniel Müller came about the idea for an NCCR on molecular systems engineering in 2010.
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