Finances & HR

Official Project Number of NCCR MSE


Funding Regulations NCCR and SNSF


The NCCR MSE Guide for 2020 provided by the SNSF can be downloaded here.

Upcoming national and international funding possibilities

HR-related documents for all members

Every employee funded by the NCCR MSE project, is requested to complete this form. We must ensure that everyone who is involved in the NCCR MSE project is entered in the NIRA (SNF) data­base.

NCCR Flexibility Grants (formerly known as 120% support grants)

Forms for employees of the University of Basel only

Finance-related documents for employees of the University of Basel

Information on the procurement of scientific equipment and services under the NCCR MSE

All purchaser, if funded by the NCCR MSE, have to agree with the procruement guidelines and procedures of their institution. For information on our home institutions procruement procedures, UNIBAS and ETH, please refer to the following links.

For further questions, please contact your accounting department or Hala Helmy (hala.helmy(at)


Hala Helmy, Managing Director