2017 International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering

Organized by the NCCR MSE, close to 300 participants and more than 40 speakers from around the globe attended the the first ICMSE in 2017 in Basel. For more details, download the ICMSE 2017 Conference Booklet.

The ICMSE 2017 opening event:

argovia philharmonic: Premiere of "Sound of Molecules: I. fiddle (with)".
Debate: "Ethical challenges of synthetic biology".
At he Buffet.

The ICMSE 2017 Conference Dinner @ Roche

Keynote by Stefan W. Hell ((Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014).
Severin Schwan, CEO Roche Group, welcomed the ICMSE 2017 at the Roche Tower.
Daniel J. Müller (co-Director NCCR MSE), John C. Reed (Head of Roche pRED), Stefan Hell, Severin Schwan.
In discussion with Jacques Herzog, architect of the Roche Tower.

ICMSE 2017: 27 - 29 August

The Conference.
"Side Effects": Exhibition by the ZHDK.
ICMSE Poster Session.
ICMSE Poster Session.

The winners of the ICMSE 2017 Poster Prizes and sponsors are:

  • ChemComm: Barbara Haller, MPI for Medical Reserarch, Stuttgart/D
  • MSDE: Chidambar Kulkarni, Eindhoven University of Technology/NL
  • Wiley: Miguel Angel Fernandez-Rodriguez, ETH Zurich/CH 

The Pre-Conference 2017: 26 & 27 August 2017

Pre-Conference participants from NCCR MSE (CH), GRK2062 (D), and FMS (NL).
From left: Clemens Mayer (1st), Tomaz Einfalt (3rd), and Maaruthy Yelleswarapu (last).
Members of the pre-Conference committee.

The winners of the pre Conference Prizes are:

1. Martin Rossa, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
2. Simone Wouters, Eindhoven University of Technology
3. Chiara Gandini, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
4. Yasunori Okamoto, University of Basel

Oral Presentation: Tomaz Einfalt, University of Basel

Science Slam
1. Maaruthy Yelleswarapu, Radboud University Nijmegen
2. Tomaz Einfalt, University of Basel
3. Clemens Mayer, University of Groningen

ICMSE 2017 Partners

We would like to thank our presenting partner, the city of Basel, and many more supporters you can see here.