NCCR MSE PhD Program

The NCCR MSE PhD Program provides a framework to train upcoming generations of molecular systems engineers as an essential step to address future challenges in molecular life sciences.

The NCCR MSE PhD Program is based on the graduate training of students at their home institutions, which offer a multitude of educational and training courses suitable for their development. However, there are specific needs in training NCCR fellows in topics that are often not part of the typical graduate education curricula.

The NCCR provides suggestions for relevant courses and PhD students are required to collect 12 ECTS to complete the NCCR MSE PhD Program. Some courses, e.g. “Ethics on Site”, Fellow Retreat and the NCCR Summer School, are mandatory to fulfill the NCCR MSE PhD Program requirements.

Apart from the graduate certificate of the home university, PhD students receive an additional certificate that certifies the successfully completion of the NCCR MSE PhD Program.