String of Gestures

Gabriel Flückiger

‚String of gestures‘ are movements stemming from laboratory daily life of molecular biologists Raffaele Altamura. During the video the repetitious series of movement is more and more freed from its original context and logics of research, they manifest through precise editing a poetic, dancing quality. Additionally, sounds by musician Fabian Gutscher support this impression of a own logic of movements. Sounds mostly stem from acoustic string-instruments: Science as a string of routine and gestures, but also as a musical experiment, a string of movement.

"String of gestures" was realized as part of 'Art of Molecule at NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering (ETH Zürich, University of Basel).


Contact for Art of Molecule

Ralf Stutzki, Head Ethics

More about Ethics in the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering

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