Locarno Film Festival 2023

Our Locarno experience

In 2019, when we came up with the idea of connecting young systems engineering scientists with 250 international artists during the Locarno Film Festival's BaseCamp, we had no idea of the impact this collaboration would have on both the festival and our NCCR MSE. There could hardly be a more fruitful and intense way for young researchers to improve their scientific communication skills, to leave their scientific bubble and to get in touch with talents representing a different professional "world", which is not so different after all: both endeavors, artistic and scientific, aim at explaining and making sense of this world. It is with great pleasure that I present to you the final reports of our "2023 Ambassadors of Engineering Life" crew. These thoughtful reflections will give you an idea of what it is like to be an active part of the Locarno Film Festival and, who knows, perhaps spark your interest in joining us for the next edition of the world capital of auteur cinema.

Ralf Stutzki

Erik Poppleton

11 days later, sitting back in my office, fiddling with simulation parameters, listening to the BaseCamp playlist and I remember that I need to write up one last reflection about our time at the Locarno Film Festival!
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Michaela Slanska

Thirteen days have passed since the Locarno Film Festival, and it is now time to reflect on my experience in merging the world of arts and science. As I am writing this, I am sitting in an office full of chemists and biologists, having not spoken with anyone outside of this scientific bubble for almost two weeks. And I must admit, I feel like something is missing.
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Tobias Abele

What started with "10 days out of the lab to watch movies? You are not even an artist!" turned into "I can't believe I went there and I do want to come back." Looking back 2 weeks after spending 10 days with artists and cinephiles, I miss a powerful leopard announcing the start of exciting movies. I miss sitting at Piazza Grande at 1 am in the rain of Locarno, soaked with the atmosphere of watching cinema with 8,000 other individuals.
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Maja Illig

A few days later I look back on the time spent at the Locarno Film Festival Basecamp, 10 days of exchanges, of growing together, of immersing myself in the world of audiovisual art with its craziness and intelligence.
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Welcome note from Stefano Knuchel, Head of BaseCamp