Gabriel Puebla-Hellman - NCCR MSE

Gabriel Puebla-Hellman

Science & Technology, IBM Research Zurich


Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann studied physics at ETH Zurich, where his interests in light-matter interaction led to a diploma thesis at the Quantum Optics Group of Tilman Esslinger and to graduating in 2006. Motivated by this introduction into research, he decided to pursue a PhD at Andreas Wallraff's Quantum Device Lab, where his research focused on probing the electrical transport properties of single molecule devices utilizing microwaves and visible light. After receiving his PhD in 2012 and funded by the NCCR QSIT, he was able to apply these principles to carbon nanotube devices in collaboration between the Wallraff group (ETH Zürich)  and the Schönenberger group (University of Basel).

In 2014, he joined a collaboration between the University of Zurich and IBM Rüschlikon as part of the NRP 62 "Smart Materials", moving back toward molecular devices and the development of an industrially relevant platform for molecular electronics based on so-called nanopores. As part of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering, this platform will be further developed and extended in a collaboration between the Mayor-Group (University of Basel Basel) and IBM Rüschlikon. His current research interest mainly lie in electrical transport through molecules and the fabrication of such devices, while devoting his spare time to snow- and wakeboarding.