SeminBar is public lecture series featuring international scientists talking about their research emphasizing engaging key scientific concepts and visions relevant to molecular systems engineering in a format understandable to a wider audience. > Read more

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Gender equality in science: why is it taking so long?

Tue, 25 June, 18.00

Paul Walton, Department of Chemistry, University of York, UK

Art of Molecule

Apart from courses and discussions, Ethics at NCCR MSE provides a communications module by means of which an important group of society – artists and those interested in the arts - can question, analyze, criticize, interpret and ultimately help to shape the development of molecular systems engineering. > Read more

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International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering

The first International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering (ICMSE) in August 2017 in Basel was a big success. Close to 300 participants and more than 40 speakers were present. > Read more


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