Publications and data

Acknowledgement for NCCR MSE publications

Publications must be branded with the NCCR acknowledgement below. This branding is an absolute must and requested by the SNSF:

This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation as part of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering.

Official SNSF Project Number of the NCCR MSE: 51NF40-205608.

Open Access

The SNSF has adopted the aim that all publications resulting from NCCRs will be openly accessible as of 2020. All publications that acknowledge NCCR MSE as a major funding source are subject to the open access requirement. If the research is co-funded, the open access requirement applies only if the NCCR MSE provided 50% or more of the funding.

The SNSF allows two open access versions:

  • Gold open access: publish in open access journals or books, or pay article processing charges (APC) in subscription-based journals to release the publication for open access. Publications are openly, freely and immediately accessible.
  • Green open access: publish in subscription-based journals that allow reposition in a publicly-accessible repository no later then 6 months after initial publication (12 months for books).

The SNSF is only reimbursing publication costs that were paid for publication in open access journals (excluded are “hybrid” journals; i.e. OA option in a subscription-based journal) or books. The costs can be claimed through the NCCR Management up to 6 months after publication.

More info about the SNSF open access rules and requirements can be found here.

Please note that as of 01.01.2020 you are not allowed to charge any publication costs directly to your NCCR budget!

Open Data

The SNSF values research data sharing as a fundamental contribution to the impact, transparency and reproducibility of scientific research. All the data generated as part of the Projects associated with the NCCR should be of public access. The ultimate goal is to have research data easily findable and potentially re-usable to help maximize research impact.

In order to meet the SNSF requirements, the NCCR has prepared guidelines and forms with the different steps that must be followed when preparing a publication. The NCCR Data Manager will provide active support during the datasets preparation, curation and documentation and will help in any matter concerning data management.


Almudena Gallego, Data Manager