Lunch Meeting

NCCR fellows present their latest results over lunch to other NCCR members.

The monthly Lunch Meeting usually take place every 3rd Monday of the month (12.15 – 12.45 pm) at Misrock (D-BSSE) in Basel. A sandwich lunch is provided.

Next Lunch Meeting:

Due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 all Lunch Meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Previous Lunch Meetings:

18 February 2020
Masha Cherepkova from the Platt group talked about "Recording the transcriptional history of a cell using Record-seq".

20 January 2020
Zlatko Joncev from the Sparr group talked about "Atroposelective metathesis".

16 December 2019
Alissa Muller from the Roska group talked about "Genome Engineering through Base Editing".

18 November 2019
Jakub Kucharczyk from the Reddy group talked about "Molecular and cellular engineering of interleukin-2 receptor for cancer immunotherapy applications".

21 October 2019
Margaux Dastor from the Benenson group talked about "Bioreactor-based engineering of an in vitro human organotypic tumor model to test innovative therapeutic agents".

23 September 2019
Leo Scheller from the Fussenegger group talked about "Synthetic cell signalling by receptors engineered to sense computationally designed activator/inhibitor pairs".

17 June 2019
Ioana Craciun from the Meier group talked about "Biomimetic microscale platforms for the visualization of biological processes: From GUVs towards artificial cells".

15 April 2019
Jaicy Vallapurackal from the Ward group talked about "Development of a microfluidics assay for the genetic evolution of artificial metalloenzymes using a surface display strategy".

18 March 2019
Mirko Stauffer from the Fotiadis group talked about "Engineering of a proton-driven antibiotic translocation module and functionalization of purple membranes".

18 February 2019
Asli Azizoglu from the Stelling group talked about "A tightly regulated transcriptional controller in S. cerevisiae".

21 January 2019
Anna-Bea Bornhof from the Matile group talked about "Anion-π Catalysis on π‑Stacked Foldamers and Carbon Nanomaterials".

17 December 2018
Dominik Scherrer from the Lörtscher group talked about "Why Heterogeneous Catalysis in Silicon Flow Microreactors?".

29 November 2018
Philipp Rottmann from the Panke group talked about "In vitro evolution of artificial metalloenzymes using microfluidic technologies".

15 October 2018
Xingwei Guo from the Wenger group talked about "Reductive Amination and Enantioselective Amine Synthesis by Photoredox Catalysis".

17 September 2018
Benjamin Gaub from the Müller group talked about "Nanomechanical Mapping of Cortical Neurons".

14 May 2018
Gordian Born from the Martin group talked about "Engineering of insulin producing tissue constructs".

16 April 2018
Radhakrishnan Panatala from the Lim group talked about "Constructing Molecular Factories for Selective Import of Macromolecular Cargoes".

19 March 2018
Gabriel Puebla-Hellman from the Mayor and Lörtscher groups talked about "Microfluidics in Silicon: A Rigid Approach".

26 February 2018
Ariane Stucki from the Dittrich group talked about "Formation of monodispersed liposomes through microfluidics".

15 January 2018
Martin Spillmann from the Schertler group talked about "Cell Engineering for Drug Discovery".

18 December 2017
Juan Liu from the Palivan group talked about "Programmable nano-housing for cell plug-in".

20 November 2017
Qi Zhang from the Tiefenbacher group talked about "Terpene cyclization inside a supramolecular catalyst".

16 October 2017
Duy Tien Ta from the Nash group talked about "Cross-aggregation of thermo-responsive magnetic nanoparticles with elastin-like polypeptide fusion proteins for separation of cellular and molecular targets".

18 September 2017
Yves Mermoud from the Calame group talked about "ISFET Biosensing for Molecular Systems and Factories Monitoring".

23 August 2017
Niels Weisbach from the Platt group talked about "Generation of a massively multiplexed genome editing platform".

19 July 2017
Jens Gaitzsch from the Meier group talked about "The Alphabet of Nanoreactors: ABC Polymers and Protein insertion".

17 May 2017
Ann Cathrin Waindok from the Reddy group talked about “Improving methods for immunogenomic engineering”.

19 April 2017
Yasunori Okamoto from the Ward group talked about "Artificial Metalloenzymes in Complex Systems".

15 March 2017
Pratik Saxena from the Fussenegger group talked about "A programmable synthetic lineage-control network that differentiates human IPSCs into glucose-sensitive insulin-secreting beta-like cells".

15 February 2017
Xingwei Guo from the Wenger group talked about "Merging photoredox catalysis and biocatalysis".

18 January 2017
Pelin Guven from the Stellacci group talked about "Macromolecular Transporters for Molecular Factories".
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21 December 2016
Raffaele Altamura from the Benenson group talked about "Rational design of bio-production cell lines".

16 November 2016
Stephan Hirschi from the Fotiadis group talked about "Engineering a switchable light-driven proton pump".
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19 October 2016
Anna Deplazes Zemp from the Biller-Andorno group talked about "Opportunities and limits of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation)" as a “tool” to bring ethics into science".

14 September 2016
Alexandra Wiesler from the Housecroft group talked about "Hierarchical Assembly of Multifunctional Interfaces".

17 August 2016
Keith Carroll from the Dürig group talked about "Nanoscopically Controlled Templates for the Assembly of Molecular Modules and the Control of Reaction Pathways".
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20 July 2016
Rei Morikawa-Kanamori from the Roska group talked about “In vivo genetic screen to link cell-type-specific genes to visual diseases".

15 June 2016
Eleni Karamasioti from the Stelling group talked about "Predicting polymerase chain reaction efficiency using physico-chemical sequence properties".
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18 May 2016
Yoann Cotelle from the Matile group talked about "Anion-π Enzymes".
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16 March 2016
Alexander Tanno from the Vörös group talked about "Electrochemical Biosensing Assay for Handheld Point-of-Care Diagnostics".

24 February 2016
Elena Lesca of the Schertler/Kammerer group talked about "Invertebrate opsins: towards new optogenetic tools".

20 January 2016
Ima Avalos Vizcarra from the Vogel group talked about "Why forces in biological systems also matter for molecular systems engineering".
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16 December 2015
Gabriel Puebla-Hellman from the Mayor group talked about "Nanopores: An Approach to Compartementali-zation".
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18 November 2015
Rajib Schubert from the Müller group talked about "Virus stamping for targeted single cell infection in tissue and cell culture".

21 October 2015
Nadine Bohni from the Gademann group talked about "Reengineering alkaloid biosynthesis via metabolic shifting and molecular refining".

17 September 2015
Markus Jeschek from the Panke group talked about “Towards Bio-Metathesis – Artificial Metalloenzymes for new-to-nature Relations”. 

19 August 2015
Marija Plodinec from the Lim group talked about "An in vitro engineered epithelia that bears the hallmarks of living tissue".

15 July 2015
William Kelton from the Reddy group talked about "Immunogenomic editing by CRISPR-Cas9 Assisted Cassette Exchange (CACE) of MHC alleles enables altered immune activity".
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17 June 2015
Cem Albayrak from the Tay group talked about "Digital quantification of proteins and mRNA in single cells".
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20 May 2015
Mihai Lomora from the Palivan-Group talked about "Stimuli-responsive nanocompartments with preserved architecture”.
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18 March 2015
Ralph Stoop from the Calame group talked about "Arrays of Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors for Biochemical Sensing".
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18 February 2015
Annabell Bonn from the Wenger group talked about "Working towards charge accumulation in dtransition metal complexes".
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21 January 2015
Tillmann Heinisch from the Ward group talked about "Artificial Metalloenzymes based on the Streptavidin-Biotin Technology".

17 December 2014
Marc Folcher from the Fussenegger group talked about "Synthetic Biology Moving to Biocybernetic".

19 November 2014
Fabian Itel from the Meier group talked about "Polymer Vesicles and Membranes".
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Lunch Meeting @Misrock

Lunch Meetings are at Misrock, D-BSSE, Mattenstrasse 26, 4058 Basel.