Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering - NCCR MSE

Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering

Our lab has pioneered the use of direct perfusion of fluid through the matrix of engineered tissues to mimic interstitial fluid flow within custom-designed bioreactor chambers in order to generate and sustain uniform tissue structures.

Diabetes mellitus, the complex and multifactorial disease characterized by hyperglycaemia, results from a loss of pancreatic insulin-producing β-cells. However, none of the current cell-based diabetic therapies is autologous; whereas transplantation of pancreatic islets typically suffers from donor scarcity, compatibility and variability in graft quality.

A way to solve these issues is to engineer autologous patient cells to act like healthy pancreatic β-cells and re-implant them. We hypothesize that culture of these genetically programmed pancreatic cells within the developed 3D perfusion-based culture system in co-culture with vascularizing autologous cells will generate micro-tissues with improved in vitro and in vivo functionality.


Project Leader

Ivan Martin


Martin group @UniBas