Ethics in the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering is dedicated to an integrative approach. It:

a) serves as an advisory tool and supports individual project researchers whenever necessary;

b) promotes interdisciplinarity within the scientific moral discourse;

c) encourages the non-scientific community to engage actively in all related controversial issues of moral relevance.

Accordingly, a transdisciplinary approach bridging the gap between the different representatives of all science disciplines involved and the community is a pivotal task of the molecular systems engineering ethics. Only a common language - spoken and understood by each stakeholder - can guarantee communication on par.

Ethics on Site

Ethics on Site is our seminar for PhD students and postdocs that are members of NCCR MSE. The seminar is offered once a year. > Read more

Ethics Think Tank

The NCCR MSE has teamed up with the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) in Rome to build a think tank focusing on the ethical challenges of synthetic biology and molecular systems engineering. > Read more

Art of Molecule

With "Art of Molecule", Ethics for this NCCR provides a communications module by means of which an important group of society – artists and those interested in the arts - can question, analyze, criticize, interpret and ultimately help to shape the development of molecular factories. > Read more


R. Heidari, B. Elger, R. Stutzki "On the Brink of Shifting Paradigms, Molecular Systems Engineering Ethics Needs to Take a Proactive Approach" Chimia 2016, 70(6):449-454. DOI

"Wissensorte. Eine Publikation als Ausstellung" Master of Arts in Transdisziplinarität, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste 2018, ISBN: 978-3-9524741-6-7 PDF


Ralf Stutzki, Head Ethics