Molecular systems engineering relies on a combination of basic science and engineering approaches at a high level of sophistication, and consequently proper education and training of PhD students is essential to achieve the envisioned research goals.

Apart from various courses and trainings offered by the institutions involved in traditional disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, nanosciences, bioinformatics and engineering, the NCCR aims to enable scientific communication across disciplines by educating a new generation of young scientists with an open mindset towards interdisciplinary science. The main tools to achieve these goals are monthly Lunch Meetings, the yearly seminar “Ethics on Site”, Fellow Retreat and the newly established NCCR Summer School, as platforms for active and in-depth scientific exchange among NCCR fellows. Complementary activities include public lectures (SeminBar) and the Technology Apéro.

Training and Career Programs

The group leaders of the NCCR will encourage undergraduate and graduate as well as postdoctoral students to follow individual exchange training programs (mini-sabbaticals) within the different research groups of the NCCR, allowing them to learn new techniques in synthesis and analytical methods used in molecular systems engineering.

Furthermore, in the framework of advancement of young researchers, the NCCR organizes and supports various career-training workshops and opportunities.

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