Locarno Film Festival 2024

Image: Locarno Film Festival
Image: Locarno Film Festival

Our Locarno experience continues

In 2019, when we came up with the idea of connecting young systems engineering scientists with 250 international artists during the Locarno Film Festival's BaseCamp, we had no idea of the impact this collaboration would have on both the festival and our NCCR MSE. There could hardly be a more fruitful and intense way for young researchers to improve their scientific communication skills, to leave their scientific bubble and to get in touch with talents representing a different professional "world", which is not so different after all: both endeavors, artistic and scientific, aim at explaining and making sense of this world.

So, from 7 – 18 August 2024 we will again send a group of young Science Ambassadors (PhD/Postdoc level) to participate in this year’s “Basecamp Laboratory of Ideas”.

Focus on the Future of Survival

In this year’s iteration, we will emphasize the theme of the Future of Survival, actively engaging in the conceptualization and development of ideas for three public events in Locarno:

  • Digital survival: How does humanity co-evolve with such disruptive technological innovations as artificial intelligence?
  • Environmental survival: How can we create stronger visions for how to live more sustainably as the climate crisis intensifies?
  • Social Survival: In an era of escalating conflicts around the globe, how can human lives, rights and values prevail?

For more information write to ralf.stutzki(at)unibas.ch

Meet the NCCR MSE BaseCamp team

Adnan Abouelela

Hi there! I am a half-German, half-Egyptian biotechnologist from Dresden, a beautiful city located in the eastern part of Germany. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the inventions of nature, and reading about the adventurous expeditions of my childhood heroes Alexander von Humboldt and Charles Darwin motivated me to become a scientist.
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Giulia Ammirati

My name is Giulia, and I am a biophysics PhD student from Lugano. My “why-phase” started as I was a kid and possibly never ended.  In fact, I always had a great curiosity towards nature and its way of functioning. This inclination led me to my current job in Basel where I investigate how mechanical properties of cells, e.g., their stiffness or tension, influence their biological behavior.
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Bradley Higginson

I am Bradley Higginson, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Basel in the group of Professor Ward. Originally from Britain, I completed my PhD in Spain on photoredox catalysis before moving to Basel for this position. My personal interests span multiple disciplines but cluster around the human experience.
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Raghavendra Ramachanderan

I'm Raj, a doctoral candidate in the Platt group, and I'm working towards equipping bacteria with tools to detect pathology in the human gut. I help bacteria learn new tricks–to sense volatile chemicals that indicate disease, and to improve upon Transcriptional Recording, a stunning new technology developed by the group to dissect bacterial physiology.
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Mai Tran

Hi there! I’m currently a PhD student in Goepfrich's lab at Heidelberg University, where we explore the fascinating world of DNA/RNA origami and synthetic cell engineering. My journey has taken me from Vietnam to France, the USA, and now Germany, allowing me to experience diverse cultures and perspectives.
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Welcome note from Stefano Knuchel, Head of BaseCamp