ICMSE Conference

Save the date now27 - 29 Aug. 2017. ICMSE is a biennial conference focussing on new developments in molecular systems engineering. The International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering will feature speakers and participants from leading international research institutions.

A pre-conference for students and postdocs will take place on 26/27 August.

What is Molecular Systems Engineering?

Combining the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics with bioinformatics and engineering, the goal is to engineer and to combine molecular modules to design “molecular factories”. > more in English / > mehr auf Deutsch

Public Events

SeminBar @ Ackermannshof:

  • 25 Jan.: Dirk Trauner
  • 29 March: T. Heinemann
  • 2 Nov.: Brad Hyman

Basar Molekular @ Sud:

  • Podcast: 27 Oct. 2016
  • Next: 23 Feb. & 19 Oct. 2017

For Members only

Monthly Lunch Meetings

Ethics on Site: 11.1.2017

Soft Skills: Read what Uni Basel and ETHZ offer in fall 2016.

NCCR-members: Please check the "Fellows Web" for more info.

Art of Molecule

Posters designed by young scientist from this NCCR and artists from the ZHdK > here

Other events

New weapon against diabetes

Scientists at the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering have used the simplest approach yet to produce artificial beta cells from human kidney cells. Like their natural model, the artificial cells act as both sugar sensors and insulin producers. > Read more

The hidden side of sulfur

Matile’s group has found that a sulfur atom, if carefully inserted into a molecule, can not only become an extremely effective catalyst but can also operate with greater precision. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize the world of synthetic organic chemistry. > Read more


The October 2016 issue of Molekular-ia is out. Read the interview with PI Rod Lim and much more about this NCCR here in our newsletter.