Martin Spillmann

Department of Biology, Paul Scherrer Institute


Paul Scherrer Institute

Department of Biology
OFLC 109
5232 Villigen PSI
Office phone +41 56 3102874

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Martin Spillmann studied Biology at ETH Zürich with a master in Microbiology and Immunology. This sparked his interest in molecular biology and biochemistry. He wrote his master thesis in the Lab of Prof. Beat Christen (ETH Zürich) about the development of a novel, high throughput way of measuring gene expression using transposons. After receiving his master’s degree in 2016, he started his PhD in the Lab of Prof. Gebhard Schertler (Paul Scherrer Institute), where he is currently engineering new cell lines to measure GPCR signalling with increased sensitivity and in a time resolved manner using luciferases. This data will be integrated in the mathematically well-defined signalling modelling efforts.